The Modern Masters products that we use exclusively are produced using advanced chemistry while maintaining the workability of historical recipes and without the health hazards associated with traditional high VOC mediums. These products are formulated with the finest selection of raw materials and are designed to ensure lasting beauty for the creation of fine faux and decorative finishes.



The Japanese word "Shizen" (pronounced she-zen) means natural beauty. It is a perfect word to describe this unique line of Eco Friendly, decorative textures, imported from Japan by Modern Masters Inc. Each product has been given a Japanese name which best describes the decorative aspect or the natural component that helps create the beauty of the finish. These unique plasters have amazing stories and are encrusted with sea shells, natural soils, cork, bamboo, and grasses—perfect for the modern looking textures being requested by customers


The Shizen line includes:

  • KAI™ (pronounced k?) means seashell. Combing the texture of natural soil, sand, stone and sea shells with an extremely low VOC containing acrylic solution, Shizen-Kai provides a natural pearl-like glittering texture finish with outstanding hardness and a strong resistance to mold and mildew.
  • KORUKU™ (pronounced co-roo-koo) means "cork" from a cork tree. Shizen-Koruku is a trowel applied architectural, interior decorative texture, which combines natural, sustainable cork aggregate, recycled and processed rice straw with an extremely low VOC containing acrylic gel. The Koruku mixture is trowel applied over a scratch coat of Koruku Zero VOC Undercoat to create a soft cushion finish that is both warm and natural in its design. The functional elements of the Koruku finish, provides a healthy, comfortable and serene environment.
  • KYOTO™ (pronounced key-oh-toe) means "capitol city" as it was once the Imperial Capitol of Japan dating from 794 to 1868 when the government was transferred to Edo. Although ravaged by wars, fires, and earthquakes during its eleven centuries as the imperial capitol, Kyoto was spared from the firebombing of World War II. With its 2000 Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, as well as palaces, gardens and architecture intact, it is one of the best preserved cities in Japan. Shizen-Kyoto is a traditional style texture finish that can be found throughout the city. This product incorporates interlocking fibers, soil and diatomaceous earth with modern low VOC acrylic technology.
  • PATAAN™ (pronounced pa-tan) means "pattern" and is a critical element in Japanese design. Japan is a palette of visual pattern and texture. From the meticulously raked zen garden; to architecture; to the palette of food; the Japanese approach to design has historically been linear and asymmetrical, with texture and elements deeply emphasized creating a visual display of depth and variety. Shizen-Pataan applies easily, quickly and holds sharp clean lines of pattern with outstanding hardness.



The Italian word for beauty, "Bellezza" is a unique line of Eco Friendly decorative textures imported from Italy. These all natural, non synthetic plasters have been used for centuries in Europe and are hailed by architects because of their structural soundness and beauty. The Bellezza series is made up of specialty primer/basecoats, plasters of different sized aggregates, lime paints, wax and colorants. The Bellezza series Product line contains low or no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds).


Platinum SeriesPlatinum Series

Italian Plasters Design Studio is your resource for Modern Masters Platinum Line Products. The Modern Masters Platinum Line is only available to trained professional applicators through Modern Masters Platinum Training Centers such as ours. The Platinum Line Includes Zero VOC basecoats available in 190 colors & custom colors, Metallic Plasters available in over 44 colors, base coats, top coats, colorants, and glazes. The Platinum Line also includes The Shizen and Bellezza Product Lines. Please call our studio to place your order.



Zero VOC Basecoat is not only an all in one bonding primer and basecoat but is also the foundation for all glazes and textures. Glazing over the Zero VOC Basecoat allows for premium open time with Platinum Series Wall Glazing and the Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream. This allows the glaze to strap down to a tough and durable base. All textures in the Platinum, Shizen, and Bellezza Series work well extremely well over the Zero VOC Basecoat.  When textures dry, the co-solvents in the materials grab hold of the durable basecoat.  Because of the great bonding capabilities of the basecoat it enables all textures to be incredibly secure. As a bonding primer it adheres to many surfaces such as previously painted and clear coated finishes, tile, stone, brick, cement, glass, plastics, formica, melamine and more but should always be tested for assurance.   For more information, contact your Platinum Training Center.



Wall Glazing Cream is a superior slow drying translucent glazing medium designed for maximum working time and dries to a durable finish. The Glazing Cream works like an oil base finish but is water based. It has less odor than the competing brands, gives far greater working time and goes farther than all other glazes. Using the Wall Glazing Cream for doing decorative wall finishes produces a sheer layer of color, tremendous depth, and fluid color patterns. The Wall Glazing Cream can even be manipulated to thinner layers while still maintaining great open-time. The Wall Glazing Cream is excellent for marble and wood grain finishes. It should be tinted with the Glazing Cream Colors. To reduce open-time for faster layering, you can add 5 to 30% of the Dead Flat Varnish or Satin Varnish to speed up dry time.


Sizes Available: Quart
Coverage: 150-200 sq. ft./quart




Furniture and Cabinetry Glazing Cream has all the exact same attributes as Wall Glazing Cream. The difference is that Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream is a lower viscosity glaze designed for doing sheer layers on furniture and cabinetry so the glaze hugs the surface leaving a low profile film for a true furniture grade finish. The glaze enables you to work it out to a very sheer film and still maintain excellent working time.


Sizes Available: Quart
Coverage: 150-200 sq. ft./quart




Glazing Cream Colors are very fluid colorants with a creamy emulsion. Designed to tint the Wall and Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream and can also be used for tinting KAI. Strong, intense, and transparent colors with an excellent color palette of over 40 colors designed for wall, furniture and cabinetry finishes. Great working time, dry as hard paint film, allows you to brush into glaze straight out of the bottle (SOB), reversible for a period of approximately one hour, then locks down to the surface.

Sizes Available: 4 oz. or 16 oz. flip top bottle
Available in over 40 colors.




Pre-mixed Pigment Dispersions are low and no VOC colorants that contain no binders and will not dry to form a film. The Pre-mixed Pigment Dispersions are extremely strong and tint fast. Perfect for tinting textures and basecoats.


Sizes Available: 16 oz. flip top bottle


Transparent Colorants: Alabaster (PSSS1015) • Antique Linen (PSSS1016) • Black Sapphire (PSSS1029) • Blue Velvet (PSSS1028) • Canyon Clay (PSSS1023) • Cappuccino (PSSS1018) • Chocolate Raspberry (PSSS1019) • Cinnamon Slate (PSSS1020) • Dry Sage (PSSS1026) • Maritini Olive (PSSS1027) • Passion Plum (PSSS1025) • Pebble Beach (PSSS1017) • Raspberry Ice (PSSS1024) • Tuscan Sun (PSSS1022) • Wet Concrete (PSSS1021)


Opaque Colorants: Adobe (PSMT4000) • Caramel (PSMT4001) • Cassis (PSMT4002) • Dark Chocolate (PSMT4006) • Ebony (PSMT4007) • Emerald (PSMT4008) • Fern (PSMT4009) • Lapis (PSMT4013) • Marigold (PSMT4014) • Ruby (PSMT4003) • Sahara (PSMT4004) • Sangria (PSMT4005) • Slate Blue (PSMT4010) • Suede (PSMT4012) • Violet (PSMT4011) • White (PSMT4015)




Water Base • Durable • LEED® Specifiable

A pre-colored, trowel applied,architectural coating that emits a symphonic blend of shimmer, luster, elegance and environmental friendliness. Metallic Plaster is mixed and color matched in our factory for consistent project results and available in over 50 standard colors. It is durable, water resistant, mold & mildew resistant and will adhere to any primed surface. This lightweight water base coating applies easily and can be used to create a wide variety of decorative finishes.

Sizes Available: Quart • Gallon

Features and Benefits:

  • Metallic Plaster goes 30-40% further making it a better value
  • A beautiful shimmering finish can be achieved in just two layers, saving time and money
  • Creates enhanced luster and shimmer with our special blend of glass spheres, pearlescent and mica particles
  • Advanced color matching technologies provides consistent color and performance from batch to batch
  • Enhanced adhesion prevents the finish from pulling off when removing masking patterns, painter's tapes or adhesive backed stencils
  • Superior surface durability allows for glazing directly to the Metallic Plaster finish eliminating the need for barrier coats
  • Contains no hazardous components and qualifies as a LEED® specifiable material


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